Baseball Bundle
Baseball Bundle
Baseball Bundle
Baseball Bundle

Baseball Bundle

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Introducing the Tidal Tank Baseball Bundle – your all-in-one training solution to elevate your game to new heights! This exclusive bundle features the following:

Variant: Baseball bundle
1x Tidal Tank Classic (up to 49 lbs)
1x Sphere (up to 55 lbs) 
1x Kettle Tank (up to 12 lbs) 

Variant: Baseball bundle light
1x Tidal Tank Slim (up to 30 lbs)
1x Sphere Mini (up to 33 lbs)
1x Hand Tank (up to 7 lbs)

These three innovative training tools are designed to optimize your performance on the field.

The bundle could be shipped in three separate packages. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 522 reviews
Marley Clay (Ireland)
I am a ...: Athlete

The Tidal Tank waterbag is a must have when it comes to improve pitching mechanics.

Justin Willis (Ireland)
I am a ...: Physical therapist

We like that you can change the weight to make it heavier or lighter depending on what it is needed for. The quality is great, it has thick vinyl plastic so it is not easily punctured and thick fabric strap handles that do not hurt your hands when you carry it for long periods of time. We also love how easy it is to fill with air and water due to the air lock it has on the inside of the opening. We bought the tank to help aid in physical therapy rehab.

Kyle Kelley (Ireland)
I am a ...: Physical therapist

I like the uniqueness of the product. Not much offers the dynamic stability of water moving around. The quality speaks for itself too. It was very easy to set up and can be adjusted based on your needs.

Joseph Joyce (Ireland)
I am a ...: Physical therapist

Tidal rank has provided a great resource in therapy to alter patients reactionary ability by continually changing variety of impulse. Shape and size have provided various ways to continue to challenge my patients.

Greyson Loweecy (United States)
I am a ...: Personal trainer
Love it

It’s been amazing !!! I love it !!

Rel Robinson (Ireland)
I am a ...: Sports/performance performance coach

I really enjoy the tidal tank because it blends balance and stability training along with strength training as it forces you to engage various muscle groups while performing exercises.

Brandon Gerber (Ireland)
I am a ...: Athlete

This improves my sons pitching workouts by adding dynamic weight and instability to help with balance and velocity gains

Vanessa Williams (Ireland)
I am a ...: Normal person trying to get into shape

I am trying to get back into shape after years of being inactive. I need workouts that are easily adapted to my fitness level but that are still challenging and engaging. This fit the bill!

Peyton Jenkins (Ireland)
I am a ...: Athlete

Tidal Tank has helped me increase my core strength which has translated on the field with greater results in distance and exit velocity.

Mike Pelz (United States)
I am a ...: Physical therapy client
Good for balance

I am a 71 year old physical therapy client. I have trouble with my balance. I ordered this product because of how well it was helping me.