Complete bundle

Introducing the Tidal Tank Soccer Bundle – your complete training solution to controlling chaos in-game.

  • Tidal Tank Original (up to 49 lbs)
  • Tidal Tank Sphere (up to 55 lbs)
  • Hydrovest

Train your soccer skills whilst controlling the unpredictable movement of water to improve your ability to perform under pressure.

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Become the Ultimate Athlete

Perform under pressure

Don’t get muscled off the ball, learn to handle pressure from opponents by controlling the unexpected impact of water. Go shoulder-to-shoulder with bigger, seemingly stronger opponents without losing the duel. The erratic movement of water teaches your core muscles to brace the body, impeding opponents from knocking you over.

Premium Bundle

Introducing the Tidal Tank Soccer PRO Bundle. Train on the field with water that reacts to your every move, specifically designed to put your skills under pressure.

  • Tidal Tank PRO Tube Medium (up to 50 lbs)
  • Tidal Tank PRO Sphere Medium (up to 55 lbs)
  • Hydrovest

The Tidal Tank PRO unlocks game-specific exercises designed to prepare you for the chaos of competition.

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Our Newest & Most Advanced Products Yet

Tidal Tank Pro Series

Introducing the Tidal Tank PRO series. A top-of-the-line carbon upgrade, knuckle-friendly anti-friction pads, and a new valve boost comfort and durability. These improvements allow elite players to train to their fullest potential without interruption. 

Built to withstand the intensity and consistency of a professional’s training regime, the Tidal Tank PRO series is the perfect tool for any player looking to take their training to the next level.

Tried and Trusted By Professional Soccer Organizations

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Upgrade the way you train
Entry bundle

Introducing the Tidal Tank Soccer Entry Bundle – the perfect introduction to any athlete looking for a solution to train with a weight that never stops moving.

  • The Tidal Tank Original (up to 49 lbs)
  • Tidal Tank Sphere (up to 55 lbs)

Force your body to stabilize and adapt to the chaos of water. Add an unpredictable element to your training with Tidal Tank.

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