Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)
Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)
Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)
Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)
Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)

Sphere Mini - Up to 33 lbs (13kg)

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A smaller version of the Tidal Tank sphere. Provides even more water movement and exercise possibilities.

Dimensions:  12" in diameter

Material: PVC

EAN: 8719326494463

✔ Tidal Tank Sphere 12" diameter
✔ Blue Dye Bottle of 1/3 oz
✔ Free Air Pump
✔ User Manual
✔ Unlimited free access to the video library
✔ Unlimited free access to the mobile phone app (iOS and Android)

Standard 1-year warranty.

The Tidal Tank is a vastly improved product compared to other aqua bags and sand bags. Since the weight of the Tidal Tank consists 100% of water, it is constantly moving. This challenges you like no other weight could. As a result, it will allow you to train your balance and functional strength more than any other device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 516 reviews
Brandon Gerber (Ireland)
I am a ...: Athlete

This improves my sons pitching workouts by adding dynamic weight and instability to help with balance and velocity gains

Vanessa Williams (Ireland)
I am a ...: Normal person trying to get into shape

I am trying to get back into shape after years of being inactive. I need workouts that are easily adapted to my fitness level but that are still challenging and engaging. This fit the bill!

Peyton Jenkins (Ireland)
I am a ...: Athlete

Tidal Tank has helped me increase my core strength which has translated on the field with greater results in distance and exit velocity.

Mike Pelz (United States)
I am a ...: Physical therapy client
Good for balance

I am a 71 year old physical therapy client. I have trouble with my balance. I ordered this product because of how well it was helping me.

Marvin Griffith (Ireland)
I am a ...: Sports/performance performance coach

These are some awesome products that enhances my son’s workout tremendously. The water movement forces him to use muscles that he would not normally, making workouts faster but yet more effective.

Jeffrey Blake (Ireland)
I am a ...: Personal trainer

Total Tank is a great addition to my fitness tool chest as a personal trainer and rehab specialist. It is sturdy and versatile enough for a wide variety of client populations.

Garrett Scott (Ireland)
I am a ...: Sports/performance performance coach

My main focus is baseball training. I bought tidal tank as a tool to train rotation during the pitching motion and also stability for pitchers and hitters.

Corrine Boyea (Ireland)
I am a ...: Physical therapist

The Tidal Tank was easy to set up. More fun with the color additive for the water (red/blue). We selected this for our physical therapy clinic to add challenge to sitting and mobility activities that we can't achieve with standard therapy equipment. Patients have been receptive to this tool and find it challenging.

Matthew Ahearn (Ireland)
I am a ...: Sports/performance performance coach

I hold a few coaching certifications, there are three immediate reasons that I like the Tidal Tank. 1.) It’s fun to use. 2.) It is great for programming movements that offer a different load demand than static weights. 3.) I find it beneficial for programming accessory exercises that compliment traditional exercises.

Jason Clairmont (United States)
I am a ...: Athlete
Definitely a great addition to my home gym

I have been looking for nontraditional ways to keep things fresh and from hitting potholes and this is that. I originally got this for my son to work on some hitting stability balance, and core work and I have been using it for some other muscle exercises and overall strengthening. This thing will kick your butt.