Introducing the Tidal Tank Fitness Bundle – with just these two tools, you can unlock a multitude of exercises to diversify your routine and achieve comprehensive fitness results. This exclusive bundle features the following:

  • 1x Tidal Tank Original (Up to 49lbs)
  • 1x Tidal Tank Sphere (Up to 55lbs)

Designed to improve dynamic stability, boost strength, and enhance endurance.

Regular price £110.00 Sale price £102.00


Tidal Tank brings you innovative training tools that introduce workouts unlike anything you’ve done before. Upgrade how you train with weight that moves.

  • Improve core strength and activation
  • Incorporate new muscles into your workouts
  • Lightweight, portable, and extremely durable

Introducing the Tidal Tank Fitness Bundle Small – a space-efficient training kit for fitness enthusiasts and individuals dedicated to achieving their fitness goals. This bundle features the following:

  • 1x Tidal Tank Slim (Up to 30lbs)
  • 1x Tidal Tank Sphere Mini (Up to 33lbs)

These two innovative training tools offer targeted strength, coordination, and power training in a portable size, making them the perfect companions on your journey to a fitter, stronger, and healthier you.

Regular price £110.00 Sale price £102.00


Easily increase or decrease the
weight by simply adding or removing
water to your Tidal Tank.

Since the contents of a Tidal Tank
are mostly water, you can easily
empty, store & transport.

Tidal Tank introduces a new element
to your workouts unlike anything before...
Weight That Moves!

1000+ Positive Reviews

Across All Channels

Upgrade How
You Train

Imagine a workout weight that reacts to your slightest movement. In turn, you have to adjust as well, keeping control of the weight and of your body. Consequently the water reacts again, and the circle continues. Instead of ordinary "dead" weights, the Tidal Tank is alive. Because of this, no repetition is the same.

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No, not at all. The Tidal Tank can easily be folded so it fits on the sink. Once the Tidal Tank is filling up, you can slowly let it down while you continuously fill it with water.

Yes, the Tidal Tank is not only versatile but durable, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Yes, with every purchase, new Tidal Tank owners have free access to an entire video library of workouts as well as our official Tidal Tank App.

Yes, with your purchase, we include a pump for setting your Tidal Tank up.